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In Liberia, information is power; traditionally this power has been concentrated among a few. Increasingly, Liberia citizens and organizations are seeking access to information and to platforms that allow them to share their experiences within and beyond Liberia.


The founders of iLab Liberia recognized this growing interest and simultaneous lack of info-sharing resources available to Liberians; the natural first step seemed to be a central location with reliable internet, electricity, and trained local IT staff where collaboration and leaning takes place. The iLab has 2 lab spaces, 30 computer workstations, a dedicated VSAT with a C-band connection at a speed of 1280/768 kbps. There is a also 2 conference rooms for users, and projectors available for live distance learning sessions.


iLab’s mission is to assist IT professionals, aspiring technologsits, newcomers to IT, as well as organizations and institutions in their effort to more readily share information using information and communication technologies (ICTs). iLab trainings were originally focused on open source tools and operating systems because they promote interactive communities and shared ownership. iLab’s trainings have since expanded to include topics such as web development for teens, social media, ICT for small businesses, Google Earth and Map Maker, how to blog, mastering the internet, and more. iLab has also become  a space for local meet-ups of special interest technology groups and for local and international organizations to host events that are in-line with iLab’s mission.


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