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Awesome ladies in Python 2!

By | 2013-09-30T12:12:54+00:00 August 30th, 2013|Trainings|

After one month of dedicated training, the second class for the ladies in python has come to an end. They took part in the intro to python programming where basically the basics in python language [...]

July 2013

Ladies in ICT- Social Media

By | 2013-09-30T12:24:12+00:00 July 23rd, 2013|Social media, Trainings|

Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. As more and more young Liberians log on and use social [...]

ICT for small Business

By | 2013-09-30T12:25:54+00:00 July 11th, 2013|SMEs, Trainings|

Not many of us know we need ICT for our small business...But I tell you confidently that we really do need ICT in our businesses, no matter how small we think the business is. I'm [...]

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