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Getting Data Back to the Community

In 2017 and 2018, iLab served as the primary partner for The Cloudburst Group as part of USAID’s Evaluation, Research and Communication Task Order (ERC) is to create, expand, and communicate the results of evidence-based knowledge around best land tenure and property rights practices. iLab’s role in this collaboration was to return the results of the performance evaluation and assessment of the Community Land Protection Program (CLPP) in Liberia back to the 58 communities where data was collected. 


This Getting Data Back to the Community (GDBC) activity included customization and delivery of an interactive presentation to participating towns in three rural counties in Liberia (Lofa, River Gee, and Maryland counties) – the first time that a USAID project has undertaken such an effort to share data analysis in a contextually relevant way with its target communities. iLab recruited and trained 18 facilitators who were local to the districts in which the target communities were located, and conducted field visits to select communities during the presentations along with a representative from Cloudburst.

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