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iLab June events and trainings announced - ICT For Girls as the key theme

Hello everyone!

iLab’s public trainings and events for June are now posted online and ready for registration. See http://ilabliberia.org/events/. In addition to some of the usual recurring events and trainings, there are plenty of new topics for courses and events, including:

•ICT careers workshop, Mastering the internet and Python programming – targeted for Girls

•Open government, Freedom of information and transparency

•Entrepreneurship - ICT for small businesses and startups

•More technical programming and physical computing courses

It’s a busy and exciting month with the key theme being ICT and girls. If you are a programmer (or a photographer!), this is also a good month to visit iLab and say hi to our fantastic intern Zane Cochran, who is steering a number of classes to do remarkable things!

Don’t see what you like? Make a suggestion. Note also that we also provide organizations with • Customized trainings for your organization • Customized solutions for your ICT systems development and services • Facilities for hosting events or accessing technology (space/equipment for hire)

Hope to see you soon at iLab!

Coming up in July: ICT4Girls, programming courses, data visualizations, open government…

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