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iLab's New Course teaches Liberians to have a Global online voice

Technology is all around us.

iLab Liberia is at the forefront of educating Liberians on various information and communication technologies.  With the help of iLab's Quickstart Website Training, Liberians are now gaining the skills needed to contribute to global conversations and create an online presence.

The Quickstart Website training is a week-long course that introduces participants to Wordpress and how to use Wordpress to create websites and blogs.

The major challenge we identified before teaching this course is that participants need to first have basic computer skills before being able to use Wordpress. So we screened participants by using a basic computer test to determine if they were well suited for the course.

However, we noticed that passing the basic computer test didn't guarantee that participants could do well in the Quick-start website training. We now plan to incorporate a more comprehensive evaluation for the next course that will not only test their basic computer skills, but also their proficiency in using the web.

With the help of this course, iLab hopes to see more Liberians being proactive in creating their own voice.

Luther Jeke

Training Director


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