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iLab's statistics in 2013!

Wow! We couldn’t believe it. With all of our donors, collaborators, partners and users on board, we’ve hit a milestone we didn’t even dream about when starting iLab back in May, 2011: we have served 1,280+ people in 2013 alone.


•Intermediate Branding and advertisement course

•Quick start Website Creation for Institutions

•Structure Query Training Language (SQL) Training

•Social Media for women/Social Media for Social Change

•Introduction to Ubuntu

•Intro Mastering the Internet

•Intermediate Ubuntu

•Social Media for Transparency and Accountability

•Mobile Technologies for Transparency and Accountability

•Python Programming Language

•Intermediate Python Programming

•Physical Computing

•Photography(and some of these special courses for women only)


•TED talk night

•Mapping Party

•Movie Night

•Guest Lecture

•Open Government

•ICT Career workshop

•Girls in ICT launch •Physical Computing Demo Evening

iLab recorded August as the month with the highest number of users as seen in the chart below.

We had a guest lecture on Technology and Education with Kpetermeni T. Siakor as the guest speaker; it was recorded as the most attended event in 2013. We also had a three days ICT Career Workshop for girls where we had over 50 ladies in attendance; this helped to boost general female attendance at iLab.

Our regular co-working hours where we are open to the public to use our resources and staff assistance for your projects and continued learning, recorded October as the month with the highest number of co-working users.

People were awarded certificates after successful completion of a course

 We certainly won't forget Zane Cochran, an intern from Georgia Tech University. He taught most of the interesting courses taken at iLab in the year 2013.

We can say that the self-motivation we have seen in these students is unparalleled and speaks well to the continued growth and future of Liberia.

Thanks to all of you for being on board from the bottom of our hearts! We’d love to hear how your iLab experience has been, please tell us in the comment box.

The iLab team!

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