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iLab User Profile : John Kamma

Name: John W. Kamma

Age: 35

Occupation: Police Officer, Social Worker

ICT Interests: Internet, GIS

Dreaming Big: John wants to adequately acquire more skills in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) at iLab and use those skills to support his local NGO (Citizens Bureau for Development and Productivity, or CIBDAP) which he started back in 2009 while working as a police officer.

Where does iLab fit in: John comes to iLab to learn how to properly organize and format his organizational documents, learn more mapping technologies, like the Ushahidi platform which his organization has been using to get citizens views on social, political and economic issues via text messages. It is also John's dream to create collaboration between the Liberia National Police and his organization whereby his organization can be turned into an information dissemination arm of the Liberia National Police using mapping technologies.

Something we didn’t know: John loves to walk on Monrovia’s nice beaches, read inspirational books on leadership and visit the countryside in his spare time. John also likes to observe nature a lot.

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