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Liberia IT Revolution Project

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

The Liberia IT Revolution Project is a two-year initiative to boost the IT ecosystem in Liberia, particularly by nurturing and motivating start-ups to identify creative solutions in mobile and internet technologies, software and web development and link them to market opportunities. The project strengthens the Liberian IT sector, creates a vibrant entrepreneurial culture amongst IT businesses and entrepreneurs, increases the growth potential for businesses.

The project contributes to economic development and (youth) employment in Liberia by

•Supporting existing small businesses to grow and generate new jobs ,and

•Introducing the IT sector as an opportunity for entrepreneurship development in Liberia.

The project targets existing IT businesses, university graduates and senior graduates, with a passion for entrepreneurship in technology. We are looking for participants that have the ambition and skills to energize the Liberian IT scene - businesses, non-profits and government. You are welcome to the inspiring events, trainings and other activities

in areas such as:

•Entrepreneurship development (IT Awareness Workshops, Business Skills Trainings, •Entrepreneurship Stimulation Workshops)

Business development (Business Skills Trainings, Business Plan Competition, Pitching Sessions, Matchmaking Events, Access to Finance, Advisory Board Services)

•Technology skills (Mobile & Web Technology Trainings, Product Development Trainings,  Innovation Workshops)

As Liberia continues to the road of recovery for economic stability, infrastructure, reforms and education, IT plays a pivotal role in transforming the culture towards a connected and innovative society - the IT services sector is vital across nearly all sectors of business.Watch out for more info on social media, internet, radio and newspapers!

Sign up now to receive regular newsletters and invitations to activities! Sign up at and join the Liberian IT Revolution Community today!!The project is brought to you by iLab Liberia, Business Start-up Center (BSC) Monrovia and SPARK, and is supported by Swedish International Development Aid (SIDA) and Mercy Corps.

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