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Thank you iLab 2013-2014 - best wishes!

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Dear friends of iLab, some of you know, I have the unfortunate piece of news that I'll be leaving Liberia and iLab Liberia. It is certainly fun to say goodbye for me, I've loved the time here so much! Before the Ebola crisis, during the crisis...getting to work with and meet such amazing people!

At the same time, we’ve recently learned that Training Director Luther Jeke was accepted to a study program in the US to study non-profit management – and will be departing as well before Christmas. Luther has been such an instrumental part of the iLab team…and will be dearly missed.

This leaves us very sad. Amazing times in the roller coaster rides of 2013-2014…BUT, let us also be excited about the future.

Wonderful things have been planned and negotiated for iLab for 2015 and 2016 – there will be amazing things going on.

In 2015, we'll

•eradicate Ebola (right!?),

•work on ICT entrepreneurship,

•work on tech for transparency,

•get the normal activities rolling again in some way,

•have a great time learning and using new mobile and web technologies!

We are really excited about the future of iLab - awesome new people will be joining the team and look forward to seeing great things unfold.

For myself, I need to prioritize some family and personal issues now. I hope to see you all soon, in some way. For sure, we will stay in touch.

Gonna miss you - LIB.

Best regards,


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