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iLab Liberia received a COVID-19  Rapid Response microgrant from Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) to map all functional healthcare facilities, COVID-19 Testing Centers, Treatment Units, Precautionary Observation Centers, and cases across Liberia. 

All datasets are based on the Ministry of Health's 2019 Census and COVID-19 SITREPs from the Incident Management Team and National Public Health Institute of Liberia. 

(COVID-19 visualizations are based on data from March - July 2020)

Functional Healthcare Facilities

How to interact with the infographic:

1. Click on a case.

2. Click arrow to show (Death and Recovery cases) relationships amongst counties.

3. Click arrow the third time to return to the full infographic​

COVID-19 Facilities

Downloadable Datasets

Healthcare & COVID-19 Facilities - (csv)

Healthcare & COVID-19 Facilities - (geojson)

Healthcare & COVID-19 Facilities - (shapefiles)

Healthcare Facilities & Roads Network - (printable maps)

General Healthcare, COVID-19 Facilities (Raw Data)- (xls)

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