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3 Interns at the iLab for the month of July

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

With the yearn to get a sense as to what it feels like to work in a professional environment, and to learn from the staff of iLab and their users in order to help develop their initiatives; these three young fellows applied for a one month internship at iLab.

Daniel Welsh

Intern at iLab @danwelsh

Daniel is an intern from Canada for the month of July 2014. He will be working under mentorship of all members of iLab trying to spread his foundation on IT and business skills while working in a professional environment. He is very excited to be here and plans on working on website development, building a iLab user database, and filming a new updated video about iLab’s story in Liberia. He is looking forward to his time here and plans to bring back many of the skills he learns back with him to Canada.

Julateh Mulbah


Julateh Mulbah is a third year Liberian student studying computer science at the Ashesi university college in Ghana. She's passionate about technology, leadership and innovative things. iLab been the answer to such passion. She is very glad to be an intern at iLab Liberia this summer because it seems more like giving back to the society. She's a student of the MasterCard Foundation and she sees her stay at iLab Liberia as an opportunity to support the goal of the foundation which is giving back to the society in a positive way.

Alvin Kotee

Alvin is a Liberian and Junior student at Starz College of Information Technology. He is passionate about impacting IT knowledge on young people.

He is currently on internship at iLabLiberia. He is very happy to have this great working experience with iLab Liberia. Alvin previously worked with Port Trucker Association of Liberia (P.T.A ) as a chief conductor and National Custom Broker Association of Liberia (N.C.B.A.L) as broker Agent and other several entities . He love gospel Music and going on the beach.

We hope to help them achieve their goals in this one month internship.

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