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How can iLab improve: fantastic learnings and crazy ideas from our users at 2013 Midyear feedback fo

Another exciting forum with lots of feedback from our clients! With over 50 persons in attendance, we had a mid year feedback forum on the 17th day of July. In the past six months we've had various training:

•Intermediate Branding and advertisement course

•Quick start Website Creation for Institutions

•Structure Query Training Language (SQL) Training

•Social Media

•Introduction to Ubuntu

•Intro Mastering the Internet

•Intermediate Ubuntu

•Social Media for Transparency and Accountability

•Mobile Technologies for Transparency and Accountability

•Intro to Python Programming

•Intermediate Python Programming

•Physical Computing


•(and some of these special courses for women only)

We work for you for the benefit of Liberia and iLab users, we value all ideas no matter how small or grand, We will value all ideas, not everything will be possible. We change our operations based on feedback just like how our Saturday co-working hours started after we got user feedback. The goal of the mid-year feedback forum is to get feedback from our users: what has been great, what could be improved or done differently.

We got feedback on training:

•More courses should be offered (eg. Networking and A+)

•Provision of more training materials

•Saturdays should be included in the days of training.

We also got feed back on Public events:

•We should invite local guest speakers ( Liberian citizen)

•.We should have TED Talk nights only on fridays

•We should allow at least ten minutes of discussion after every TED night

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